Lot # 1: T206 Partial Set 468 Different out of 524 w/ PSA & SGC Graded

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Not a stripped down set it is loaded with HOF'ers. It is lower grade with most of the cards Authentic to FAIR. However there is a decent chunk of G -VG cards as well. Few truly tough backs but there are Old Mills (including Southern Leaguers) and Sovereign.


Home Run Baker Sweet Caporal 350/30 PSA A
Jake Beckley Sweet Caporal 350/30 Trimmed
Chief Bender Portrait Skinned
Roger Bresnhan Portrait PSA Authentic
Roger Bresnahan w/ Bat Piedmont 350/? POOR
Mordecai Brown Portrait Sweet Cporal 150/30 FAIR
Mordecai Brown Throwing Chicago on Shirt Sweet Caporal 350/30 POOR
Frank Chance Yellow Portrait Authentic
Jack Chesbro Sweet Caporal 150/30 FAIR
Fred Clarke Portrait Sweet Caporal 150/30 POOR
Fred Clarke w/ Bat Sweet Caporal 150/30 FAIR
Eddie Collins Piedmont ?/? POOR
Sam Crawford w/ Bat Piedmont 350/25 Authentic
Geroge Davis PSA 1 POOR
Johnny Evers W/ Bat Chicago on Shirt Authentic
Elmer Flick Piedmont 150/25 Authentic
Clark Griffith Portrait Piedmont 350/25 BVG 1 POOR
Clark Griffith Batting Polar Bear Authentic
Miller Huggins Portrait Sweet Caporal 350/? Trimmed
Miller Huggins Hands at Mouth Piedmont 350/25 GOOD+
Hugh Jennings Portrait Piedmont 150/25 BVG 1 POOR
Hugh Jennings One Hand Sweet Caporal 350/30 Authentic
Hugh Jennings Two Hands Piedmont 350-460/25 POOR
Walter Johnson Portrait Piedmont 350/25 PSA Authentic
Walter Johnson Hans at Chest Sweet Caporal 350-460/42 Overprint PSA 1 POOR
Addie Joss Portrait Piedmont 350/25 Trimmed (but gorgeous)
Addie Joss Pitching 350/30 POOR
Willie Keeler Portrait Sweet Caporal 150/30 POOR
Willie Keeler w/ Bat Piedmont 350/25 Authentic
Joe Kelley Piedmont 350/25 FAIR
Nap Lajoie Portrait Piedmont 150/25 POOR
Nap Lajoie Throwing Sweet Caporal 150/25 PSA 1 POOR
Rube Marquard Portrait Piedmont 250/25 POOR
Rube Marquard Hands at Thighs Piedmont 150/25 POOR
Rube Marquard Follow Through Piedmont ?/? Skinned
Christy Mathewson Portrait Piedmont 150/25 Trimmed
Christy Mathewson White Cap Piedmont 150/25 Trimmed
Iron Man McGinnity Piedmont 350/25 Authentic
John McGraw Portrait No Cap Piedmont 150/25 SGC 1 POOR (with incredible eye-appeal)
John McGraw Portrait 2/ Cap Piedmont 350-460/25 POOR
John McGraw Hand on Hip Piedmont ?/? Authentic
Joe Tinker Portrait Piedmont 350/25 SGC 1 POOR
Joe Tinker Bat On Shoulder Piedmont 350-460/25 POOR
Rube Waddell Portrait Piedmont ?/25 Authentic
Rube Waddell Throwing Piedmont 150/25 Trimmed
Bobby Wallace Piedmont 150/25 POOR
Ed Walsh Piedmont 150/25 POOR
Vic Willis Portrait Piedmont 150/25 Authentic
Vic Willis w/ Bat Polar Bear POOR
Vic Willis Throwing Sweet Caporal 350-460/42 Overprint POOR
Cy Young Portrait Piedmont 150/25 Trimmed
Cy Young Bare Hand Shows Piedmont 150/25 Trimmed.

Southern Leaguers (Only Missing 4)

Jack Bastian Piedmont 350/25 POOR
Harry Bay Piedmont 350/25 GOOD
Bill Bernhard Piedmont 350/25 GOOD
Ted Breitenstein Piedmont 350/25 Trimmed (but gorgeous)
Scoop Carey Old Mill Poor
Cad Coles Old Mill GOOD
Bill Cranston Old Mill POOR
Roy Ellam Old Mill Authentic
Ed Foster Old Mill Trimmed
Charlie Fritz Old Mill POOR
Ed Greminger Old Mill PSA 1 MK POOR
Tom Guiheen Piedmont 350/25 FAIR
Bill Hart Piedmont 350/25 Authentic
Jimmy Hart Piedmont 350/25 SGC A
Ross Helm Piedmont 350/25 FAIR
Gordon Hickamn Old Mill FAIR
Bock Hooker Old Mill GOOD
Ernie Howard Old Mill GOOD
J.F. Kiernan Old Mill GOOD
Frank King Piedmont 250/25 POOR
James LaFitte Piedmont 350/25 PSA Authentic
Harry Lentz (Sentz) Piedmont 350/25 FAIR
Perry Lipe Old Mill SGC 1 POOR
Molly Miller Piedmont 350/25 GOOD
Dom Mullaney Old Mill GOOD
Al Orth Piedmont 350/25 GOOD
William Otey Piedmont 350/25 SGC 1 POOR
Arch Persons Old Mill POOR
Ed Reagan Piedmont 350/25 PSA 2 MK GOOD
Dutch Revelle Piedmont 350/25 POOR
Ike Rockenfeld Piedmont 350/25 POOR
Charles Seitz Piedmont 350/25 SGC Authentic
Shag Shaugnessy Piedmont 350/25 POOR
Carlos SMith Old Mill Authentic
Dolly Stark Old Mill POOR
Tony Thebo Old Mill Authentic
Woodie Thronton Old Mill Authentic
Juan Violat Old Mill GOOD
James Westlake Old Mill POOR
Foley White Piedmont 350/25 FAIR

Back Breakdown

If not listed it is either a Sweet Caporal or Piedmont back.
Polar Bear - 33
Sovereign 150 - 3
Sovereign 350 - 6
Old Mill - 22

Additional Graded Cards

PSA 1 - 2
PSA 1.5 - 2<
PSA 1.5(MC) - 1 Hal Chase Pink Portrait
PSA 2 - 4
PSA 2 (MC) - 1
PSA 2.5 - 1
SGC A - 3
SGC 1 - 17
SGC 1.5 - 1
SGC 2 - 1
BVG 1 -3


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